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foundersbox is an initiative by lawyers of Flick Gocke Schaumburg specializing in tax, funds and transactions. Our track record covers expert advice to both emerging growth companies and venture capital funds. foundersbox provides sound-bites from renowned investors, news stories, a good deal of free templates and other information on VC related issues.


“Growing up" – Christian Leybold of e.ventures on how the Berlin VC scene has matured in recent years

„We build Companies“ - Thies Sander describes what makes Project A unique

Being VC backed – Filip Dames of Cherry Ventures on how to pick a VC Investor

Getting the timing right - Thies Sander on what's the best time to approach Project A

Dos and don’ts when approaching Investors - Christian Leybold of e.ventures on some of the most common mistakes when pitching to investors

Should I become an entrepreneur? Some thoughts by Thies Sander of Project A

Preparing your pitch - Christian Leybold of e.ventures on the importance of business plans and financials

Different investors at different stages – Filip Dames of Cherry Ventures on when to approach Investor


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